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Natalie Devery

I am an enthusiastic individual who is professional, honest and reliable. I am mature, committed, understanding and strive for success.

My ability to respond to the needs of people from all backgrounds and respect differing perspectives sees me finding practical, common-sense solutions to problems.

Since graduating I have been kept busy through my position as a Junior Barrister, covering a wide range of legal issues from regulatory crime to family law and everything in between. I have recently delved into the new jurisdiction of the Criminal Procedure Mental Health Court, which I am finding an extremely useful track and great initiative for those affected by mental health conditions.

My broad ranging position sees me in court on a regular basis and I enjoy the opportunity to get on my feet and advocate in various jurisdictions.

I have also been keeping up my legal research assistance to a senior barrister and a Queen's Counsel. I had the amazing opportunity to tap into my passion for human rights when assisting in a junior capacity, on the Royal Commission enquiry into the Christchurch Mosque Attacks. More recently I have been seconded to assist in research for a legal text, an interesting opportunity to learn the intricacies of personal guarantees law in New Zealand and other common law jurisdictions.


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